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This virtual chapel is an attempt to help connect our virtual students and families with their community here at St. FX.  It is also aimed at providing a venue for them to be able to request prayers, ask questions about their faith, seek help, learn about God's beautiful love for them, and challenge any misconceptions that might be holding them back from being the people God has called them to be.

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Dear Students and staff:

During this pandemic, our mental health situation has changed radically - we have less opportunity to connect with others; fear and anxiety has become so much more prevalent; and it is a lot easier for us to feel disconnected from our purpose and direction in life.  That's not to mention the many issues that have arisen from lost jobs and increased financial burdens.  With this in mind, if you've been struggling (academically, socially, in your faith life, with your family, just with life in general...), or would simply like to connect, click the button below to see a variety of options that are available to you. =)


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